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HHO Generators

 HHO Generators HHO Generators

Combustion at elevation

  Combustion at elevation In total 6% of the world’s population, that is 474 million people, live in 20 cities above 1,500 meters (4,924 feet) above sea level. Cities above 1,500 meters by order of altitude include La Paz  Bolivia  (3,869 meters, 12,693 feet), Quito  Ecuador , Toluca Cochabamba  Bolivia , Bogota  Colombia , Addis Ababa  Ethiopia , Mexico City  Mexico , Xining  China , Sana’a  Yemen , Puebla  Mexico , Kunming  China , San Luis Potosí  Mexico , León  Mexico , Kabul  Afghanistan , Nairobi  Kenya , Denver  United States , Medellín  Colombia , Johannesburg  South Africa , Srinagar  India , Lanzhou  China  (1,594 meters, 5,229 feet).

What is HHO or Brown’s Gas

  What is HHO or Brown’s Gas In addition to cutting the cost of electrolysis Research Professor Yull Brown researched what could be done with Brown’s Gas and envisaged a world of applications for industrial and residential uses.